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SIEMPRE: Intelligent and extensible tracking for modeling the learning process, is a global and holistic project that starting from pedagogy and using the most recent technologies pretends to apply new information technologies to the always complex field of computer assisted learning. Escaping from purely technological views so distant from reality, SIEMPRE proposes to use the most sophisticated information technology to serve teachers. It does not try to create a futuristic intelligent tutoring system, neither to radically change the current way teachers perform their duty. What SIEMPRE aims at is to provide the teaching staff and the students with mechanisms to follow the progress of the teaching-learning experience, notifying immediately of potential problems that might appear along the way. Therefore, every person involved in the process can count on SIEMPRE to help them improve the overall learning process.

  • Partners: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Duration: 2002-2005
  • Project id: TIC2002-03635