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Gradient is the e-learning laboratory inside the GAST group, as a part of the Department of Telematic Engineering, at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). Our main research area is educational technology. Our mission is to provide efficient tools and methods to improve education in as many aspects and as many forms as possible. In this page you will find information about our members and projects.

The laboratory members are university professors, research assistants and students. Our activities are divided into two main areas, teaching and research. The research portion is organized around several projects. The laboratory has participated in multiple projects with different scope ranging from local, regional, and national to international. The laboratory has also experience in the coordination of these initiatives and is continuously pursuing new challenges in this area. Our collaborators include private companies, research institutions and universities from all over the world. The group has also a sustained publication activity.

Research lines

Currently the laboratory participates in several projects mainly focused on the following areas

Technology enhanced learning

Intelligent tutors


Artificial Intelligence in Education

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality

Smart Learning Environments

Multi-sensory learning systems

Multi-User 3D Virtual Environments for Learning

Learning analytics

Adaptation of learning environments

Hybrid education

Simulation-based Learning

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Ambient intelligence for learning

Mobile learning