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The SEBASTIÁN project intends to develop a tool for creating computer and Internet based courses. This tool will provide teachers with a friendly and easy-to-use interface to prepare courses without requiring to learn any difficult specification language. It will assist teachers in writing courses following a methodology guided by objectives. The tool will provide students with a flexible and pleasant way of learning through an attractive and showy interface. It will permit students with different profiles to follow the course in different ways according to their skill, interest and previous knowledge. The information supplied by the teacher could be complemented with other dynamic and continually updated information, automatically obtained from the Internet. To meet these objectives the tool will make extensive use of three-dimensional modelling languages, such as VRML 2.0, to create 3D multimedia dynamic models, and of programming languages such as Java. It will use appropriate metaphors to present the contents of the course. Intelligent agents will be used to find related information on the Internet and to extend the course. Internet content selection standards will be used to hide danger information from students. The system will customise the course according to the student profile and history and to the teacher’s wishes.

  • Partners: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Duration: 1997-1998
  • Project id: 07T/0015/1997