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InfoMediat continues the project “El Periotronico,” financed by the National Plan for Telematic Applications and Services. “El Periotronico” has been developing a prototype personalized online newspaper.  This request for continuation aims to perfect the prototype to the point that it resolves three basic problems that it shares with present commercially deployed online newspapers: reaching a greater number of readers, making itself commercially feasible (the majority of present day online newspapers make losses) and improving the quality of the information reaching the reader such that the news received matches preferences and designated areas of interest.  In order to achieve the first objective we will open up a new broadcast medium for the online newspaper: digital television.  Commercial feasibility will be achieved by the use of appropriate technologies of electronic commerce.  The filtering of information will be handled through intelligent agent technologies.

  • Partners: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Duration: 1999-2002
  • Project id: CICYT_TEL_1999-0207