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H2O Learn

H2O Learn is a Spanish research project that aims at building Trustworthy and Human-Centered LA (TaHCLA) solutions to support human stakeholders when designing, orchestrating and (self-, socially- or co-) regulating learning in HL. The contributions will consider key requirements for trustworthy AI, as defined by the European Commission: 1) fostering human (i.e., teachers, learners) agency; 2) enabling transparency of the LA systems; 3) seeking socio-emotional and inclusive wellbeing; and 4) promoting accountability by enabling the assessment of algorithms and design processes.

To do so, the project will propose: (1) a set of principles, indicators, visualizations and interventions for TaHCLA systems that will enhance educator and learner agency in making informed decisions that improve design, orchestration and regulation of individual and social learning in HL; (2) frameworks with conceptual and technical elements for transparent, wellbeing-driven, accountable HL systems; and, (3) a set of pilot experiences in educational contexts promoting STE(A)M and Sustainable Development Goals. The project will: early and continuously involve stakeholders in goal definition, co-design, co-orchestration, and evaluation processes; explore multimodal data gathering and analysis techniques supporting the mixture of spaces and methods in HL; address interoperability in the solutions proposed.

  • Partners: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (coordinator), Universidad de Valladolid, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • Duration: 2021-2024.
  • Project id: PID2020-112584RB-C31