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GEEWHEZ aims to develop a new platform able to support SMEs in two main aspects of their business activities: supporting the employees during their daily tasks, at least as the traditional market solution, but with simpler interfaces, easier way to use, cheaper and higher personalisation opportunity; and providing tools to physically evaluate the performance of the SME by means of different data collected by GEEWHEZ in the overall SME infrastructure. Each module is not a standalone solution but it is a part of a more general system able to collect, analyse, evaluate and compare these data with other ones providing an evaluation of the actual SME business status.

  • Partners: Zoomarine Italia Spa (coordinator), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Patronato Municipal Parque Zoológico de Jerez, Stadt Nurnberg, Matematici S.R.L., Technovation Solutions Limited, Fundación Andaluza de Imagen, Color y Óptica, T-Connect S.R.L., Gamma Solutions S.L., Pentos AG, Prominent Italiana S.R.L.
  • Duration: 2011-2013
  • Project id: FP7-SME-2011-286533