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This project focus on the orchestration challenges that arise when dealing with ubiquitous learning in EEE. Orchestration is a complex task that involves the design, enactment and observation, and on-the-fly adaptation of the whole learning process, mainly performed by the teacher and partially by the learners. In EEE, the learning process involves activities in which learners interact with both physical and digital objects. The design of such scenarios requires authoring support based not only on sound learning practices, but also on the knowledge of the underlying technology. Furthermore, enacting an orchestrated learning scenario requires programmable interfaces between spaces so as to transfer information among them (thus enabling coordination and reflections maintenance), as well as to observe learners’ interactions for monitoring and potential adaptations. Finally, the evaluation of ubiquitous learning is also challenging as information on learners’ activities and interactions comes from different spaces and therefore needs to be combined.

  • Partners: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (coordinator), Universidad de Valladolid, Univesitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Duration: 2012-2015
  • Project id: TIN2011-28308-C03-01