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The Artemisa project aims to define a software architecture for intelligent and assisted spaces with the target of develop applications and products that improve energy efficiency and promote sustainable development. Based on this architecture solutions will be developed in two areas, where energy efficiency is a priority: the automotive industry, the office buildings and homes.The common ingredient for these projects is to provide technological solutions that trully enhance a learning experience. The variety of devices and new scenarios possible for any educational experience when using communication technology is overwhelming. Students now have access to multiple terminals and are used to obtain information through multiple channels. The influence of this new context on how educational experiences are conceived, planned and deployed is beyond any doubt. But the true challenge is how to harness this potential and rather than increasing the entropy in a learning context, increase its effectiveness. Is it enough to deploy computers in every classroom? Is it possible to use mobile devices to improve classes? Can we motivate students by using technology that is common on their day-to-day activities?

  • Partners: Universidad de Sevilla (coordinator), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Duration: 2010-2013
  • Project id: TIN2009-14378-C02-02